December 5, 2023

One particular of the most attention-grabbing gross sales persons I at any time talked to was this community internet marketing and direct revenue master named Glenn Turner.

Not always due to the fact he gave a good deal of fantastic advice on advertising, ethics and working with people today (he is a real pro at these points), but because a person detail he explained is almost certainly heading to be saving me, my household and my World-wide-web marketing small business from putting up with a great deal of grief later on on down the line.

In reality, this top secret he informed me is something I consider every single solitary World-wide-web marketer ought to choose to heart and take into account from below on out.

And that is, not messing about when it will come to refunding people’s cash.

Even if you know you might be in the appropriate and they didn’t adhere to their end of the settlement, and even if you know you are adhering to the legislation to the letter.


Due to the fact you simply just never know who you happen to be dealing with.

In particular if you are selling to people on the Internet.

For instance, Glenn advised me about how one of his business chance organizations he experienced back in 1967 was accused of currently being a “lottery” and shut down.

Now, Glenn was carrying out anything by the ebook and legally he experienced everything in line.

But what happened was a pair of people today had gotten into his company, and it didn’t work for them, and they preferred their dollars back again, even although they did not qualify for a refund and Glenn had carried out nothing at all incorrect.

And so, executing what most persons would do, he failed to give it again to them.

Only difficulty was, these two guys ended up equally Attorney Generals and so it wasn’t tough for them to use their affect and electricity to have Glenn shut down.

The issue of the tale?

You in no way know who you’re promoting to.

The obnoxious guy with the “hotmail” electronic mail address and phony identify who is demanding his money back again could be linked in methods that can have a extremely adverse impression on you, your company and your existence.

And so I now almost constantly give refunds. Even when I know I am ideal.

Sure, there are exceptions to this (I’m not a pushover by any indicates), but for the most aspect, I believe that in providing quick and fast refunds.

Not only does it create a good picture for you as a dependable, sincere particular person, but it can help save you a large amount of grief later on if a person really wishes to just take their anger out on you by attempting to sue you or report you to some “alphabet” federal regulatory company.