December 6, 2023

Leads are a vital and crucial component to your MLM business. They are essentially the lifeblood of your business, and without them you would have no sales, no sign-ups and most importantly, no cash.

When it comes to leads there are two ways to obtain them which are paying for them and generating them on your own. Learning how to generate your own leads for free is a priceless skill that the majority of people in this industry have no clue how to do. Once you’re able to generate your own laser targeted leads you will be selling more products and sponsoring more prospects onto your team.

What it really comes down to is a numbers game. The goal is to be generating between 75-150 leads per day, in order to earn a five figure income per month. The use of internet makes this simple, as long as you stay consistent on a daily basis.

How To Generate MLM Leads Online

1. Lead capture page. This is the place where you will obtain your leads’ contact information like name, email address and phone number.

Your lead capture page has many resources such as landing page, squeeze page, splash page, gateway page and capture pages. Just remember, “Less is more” when it comes to lead capture pages. What is really going to grab the attention of the visitor is a headline and to provide a solution for their problem. For example, somebody wants to know how to sponsor more reps per month and you just so happen to offer some valuable information related to this subject matter. Your headline would hint towards their problem and then you would have a section that includes solutions to the problem that you offer. In order to get the solution the lead has to fill out the form.

2. Marketing

This is how you will direct people to your lead capture page. When it comes to the internet, there are countless ways that you can drive traffic to your website. Free advertising and paid advertising are both really effective online. If you have an advertising budget then by all means use the paid means of advertising. If you do not have an advertising budget there are plenty of free marketing strategies you can use. It may take a little more time to set up, but the free marketing is just as effective as the paid.

The important thing you want to remember with marketing online is connecting with people. You must not forget that this is an industry based on relationships. Just by you taking a little extra time to connect with people online you will stand out from the majority and will experience success. All people are looking for online is a solution to their problems. You position yourself with the solution. This can be in a form of a product or business opportunity.

Paid marketing includes banners, pay-per-click (PPC), ezines, solo ads and CPM networks.

Free marketing includes articles, press releases, blogging, free classifieds, forums, videos and the multitude of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Follow-up process.

Just like with offline methods, you need a follow-up process online. Your leads input their contact information in the form on your lead capture page then what? Then you have your automatic follow-up process in place. This is accomplished with the help of an auto responder. An auto responder is a web service that provides a database for your leads and subscribers and allows you to keep constant communication with the people on this list

With this powerful tool you can send out messages at predetermined intervals to gradually build a relationship with your prospects. All you have to do is provide them with valuable information they can use and help them with their problem. You must understand, the majority of people online are just trying to sell. But by you actually offering value and helping people, you make yourself more attractive to your prospects and increase your chances of them working with you.