December 5, 2023

Regularly scheduled HVAC repair and maintenance is the most effective way to be sure that your home or business is not losing money through leaky ducts or inefficient HVAC systems. Energy efficiency is now becoming the norm due to concerns over rising electricity costs as well as the impacts of constant energy usage on the environment. In addition to regular air conditioning repair service being done in your home or business location, considering upgrading to an energy efficient model might be in your best interest. HVAC Atlanta specialists can install high efficiency systems which can lead to energy savings all year round. High efficiency and eco friendly models can use up to forty percent less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems. This savings alone leads to high efficiency models quickly paying for themselves by helping you cut down on energy costs each month. With heating and cooling of buildings eating up the majority of energy use in homes and businesses, energy efficient models are clearly a sound investment for any property owner. Not only are you saving money each month by getting an energy efficient system from an HVAC specialist, you’re also contributing less to daily pollution which is detrimental to our Earth’s environment.

Ask your local HVAC specialist about what seasonal energy efficiency ratios their systems have. In addition to seasonal energy efficiency ratios, you should also ask questions about general energy efficiency ratios. The higher the energy efficiency ratio, the less money you will be spending each month on electricity to run your HVAC system. HVAC units can have seasonal energy efficiency ratios above 12, and general energy efficiency ratios above 11. By investing your hard earned money in to one of these energy efficient HVAC systems, you can expect to save a quarter or more of your annual energy expenses.

Using programmable and timed thermostats in addition to energy efficient HVAC systems can increase savings further. Energy Star programmable thermostats can improve the timing of when your HVAC system turns on each day, saving you a very considerable amount of money over time. Energy management systems can also be installed by air conditioning repair service contractors. These energy management systems are used when your HVAC system is too complicated to simply use a programmable time clock or timed thermostat. An energy management system lets you control different areas of a building and what temperature they need to be. This helps reduce excessive use of your HVAC system and increase your monthly savings.

A quick yearly inspection of your HVAC system can help you identify any issues which cost you money over time. Wasted energy is no longer a problem once an air conditioning repair service specialist inspects your system to verify that there are no leaks or malfunctions in the HVAC system. Air conditioning is the most expensive use of energy during the warm months of summer in Atlanta, and running your air conditioner daily can become even more costly when leaks in ducts go unnoticed.