December 5, 2023

Converse a lot less and Hear a lot more

I have requested countless numbers of income specialists this issue about the past 12 a long time.

How a great deal time need to you communicate for the duration of a profits assembly and how considerably time need to your shopper communicate, as a share?

The solutions I acquire are as superior as 80% the client and 20% the product sales particular person.

I then adhere to this concern up with a second issue.

Take a look at your final 10 income conferences with prospects. How a great deal time did you talk and how significantly time did your purchaser converse?

The responses right here are incredibly distinct. In most circumstances the profits individuals talk far far more than their shoppers do.

To get a definitive response to this query, we have performed investigate to try to reply this problem, with significant quantitative quantities.

Our Study

About the previous two a long time, we have analysed the revenue discussions of the prime and bottom performers in 22 distinct organisations, to try out to see what the optimal volume of time a sales expert should converse throughout product sales encounters.

When conducting the study, we assumed that the top rated product sales performers ended up working optimally and as such we utilised the amount of time they spoke as the optimum. Conversely, we assumed that the bottom performers have been not functioning optimally and utilized the volume of time they spoke as the worst-scenario situation.


The results were not at the high finish of 80% listening and 20% talking, as proposed by most income persons during instruction classes, but in the situation of the top product sales performers, they often listened a lot more than they spoke.

THE Actual Effects

Gross sales Man or woman Spoke

Client Spoke


Bottom Performers



Middle Performers



Prime Performers

As you can see from the analysis over, the top rated performers spoke about 40 % of the time and the clients spoke about 60 % of the time.

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